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Meet Jennifer

A.J.P. (GIA), Apprentice CAJA
Applied Jewellery Professional

Apprentice - Canadian Accredited Jewellery Appraiser

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Gemappraise's Principal, Jennifer Ouimet, holds an Applied Jewellery Professional diploma issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and continues her studies as a GIA Graduate Gemologist. 


Jennifer has attained experience in the jewellery industry and training in the key areas of:

  • gemmological study

  • diamond grading

  • diamond & coloured stone identification

  • the detection of synthetic gemstones

  • jewellery and gemstone valuation

Jennifer is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and has developed trusted relationships over the last 20 years with many individuals and business clients. 



Studying Gemology provides Jennifer the skill to properly identify gem material, quality grade, and evaluate jewellery before it is valuated.


The appraising discipline is separate from gemology. It is the study of valuation science. Jennifer uses principles and methods to calculate the value based on gemological grading/evaluation, materials, and the appropriate market. 


Jennifer has over 20 years combined market experience as an accountant, sales professional, senior manager, and trainer. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise as a consultant to advise clients based on their individual needs.

Ethics and Standards

Jennifer is a registered member of the Canadian Jewellers Association, and Canadian Accredited Jewellery Appraisers program. Gemappraise is bound by a code of ethics that protects the customer and upholds high quality standards.

Allison S., Ottawa

“Jennifer is well prepared for each appointment, understands and explains the steps of her client's journey, and does all she can to create an unmatched experience!"

Chelsey R., Toronto

"Jennifer provided detailed and well-researched information about the ring, and presented it all in an extremely professional way."

Kristen S., Ottawa

“I would encourage you to use Jennifer as a partner in coaching your team around gemology and jewellery technical specs.”
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