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Reasons for an Appraisal

Having your jewellery independently valued is important for your own protection

Insurance Claims

Many valuations are for insurance purposes with most insurers insisting on an update every two to four years.

Your insurance company may refuse to compensate you for the full value of your precious jewellery and gemstones if they have not been professionally assessed.

A claim for lost or stolen jewellery is far more likely to be favourably processed if you have a current valuation certificate.

Proof of Ownership

It can be very difficult to prove you own jewellery – or that it even exists – if you do not have a detailed receipt or if it has been handed down through generations of family members.

A valuation certificate with a high definition photo is proof that the stolen or lost piece exists, it indicates the true value and is a record of possession.

Selling your Jewellery

An independent appraisal is vital to ensure you receive a good price when selling your jewellery.

You are far more likely to receive a fair deal if you are prepared with detailed information about your piece which matches it with market interest and trends.

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