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Jewelry Appraiser

Valuing your precious jewellery with knowledge and care.

Gemappraise’s status as an independent jewellery valuer and gemstone grader means customers can be confident of receiving a fair, honest and accurate appraisal.

Independent Non-biased Accurate Appraisal Reports

Latest Technology

Highly Qualified

Expert Knowledge

Flexible Appointment Times & Locations

Personalized Services

Gemappraise offers independent jewellery appraisal services. We specialize in accurately documenting and valuing your jewellery for purposes of insurance, estate, probate, resale, verification, a division of assets, divorce, liquidation and retail inventory.


Appraisals are completed in person by Applied Jewellery Professional & Apprentice Canadian Accredited Jewellery Appraiser Jennifer Ouimet.


We understand the strong sentimental and financial attachment our clients have to their jewellery. At Gemappraise we come to you with our mobile lab and your items don’t leave your sight. During the appraisal process, we welcome clients to ask questions, view their items under the microscope, and be part of the experience. We look forward to appraising your beautiful fine jewellery pieces.

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Our systematic and scientific approach provides a true and accurate valuation

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valuing your precious jewellery with knowledge and care

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